What are the costs of cleaning a garment?

Please refer to the price list which is available upon request from our staff, or alternatively you may find them on the products and services section of our website.

We also welcome requests for commercial/group rates, therefore please email on info@blinkdrycleaners.com with your details.

What is the difference between laundry and dry cleaning?

Garments sent for laundry are immersed in water during the cleaning cycle, whilst garments which require Dry Cleaning are immersed in a spirit called ‘Perclorethylene’.

How long does it take for a garment to be cleaned?

Allow for 3 Working days excluding drop off date.

Please note that the above is only indicative, the processing time may take longer for reasons such as re-processing for stain removal, sufficient drying times etc. In any case please feel free to discuss your time scale requirements with our staff upon collection of your garment, in some cases we may be able to reduce the usual time it takes to process.

Can I store the garments in the nylon that you supply?

We deliver the garments in nylon packing to ensure that that the items are received in the best possible manner. Storing items in nylon packing increases the risk of mould, thus we always recommend that items should be stored in breathable packaging such as blanket bags, wedding dresses bags etc. which are usually made out of cotton material. Another alternative is to store your garments in cotton sheets or vacuum packaging. Always make sure that you store garments clean and completely dry.

When is the best time to send in my garments to be cleaned?

It is always much better to send a garment for dry cleaning before it is put away for storage, rather than sending it in just before wearing it when stains have been noticed. A common mistake is when you may not realise that a garment is stained when putting it away, whereby removing stains from a garment has been in a wardrobe for a few months, makes stain removal almost impossible. Sadly, many of our customers have commented on the fact that certain ‘yellowish’ stains have only appeared on their garments, several months later during storage.

I stained my jacket and even though it’s supposed to be dry clean only, I tried cleaning it with damp cloth. Now I have a yellow stain (water mark). Can it be removed?

Once attempts have been made to remove stains, it is usually very difficult to remove stains, even by dry cleaning the garment. We suggest that the only action to take is to blot out the spillage onto a clean tissue without rubbing.

I have stained my trousers with bleach and the colour went off, what can I do?

Unfortunately there is no solution to restore the original colour as bleach tends to remove the dye completely. When garments have been damaged by household bleach, the damaged area will not absorb the colour as much as the rest of the fabric, the end result would be having the garment colour in different shades.

What does a circle mean on the cleaning label?

For a full list of cleaning symbols, please refer to the Cleaning Symbols section at the top of this page. A circle with a ‘W’ means Wet Clean, whereby a circle with a ‘P’ means that the garment needs to be Dry Cleaned.

What do I do to get the colour of my trousers back if the colour has faded?

We do not offer this service as the dyes available on the market are non-fast dyes, meaning that the colour will usually only last for a couple of washes.

If I have a stained garment, can you remove it by dry cleaning it?

If the garment has not been treated at home and the stain has not been there for a long period of time, there is a good possibility that it will be treated and removed with the dry cleaning process. Nevertheless the type of stain and fabric color may also hamper attempts at stain removal. Therefore no reputable dry cleaner can ever guarantee that a stain can be removed completely, but we will always do our utmost.

How would I know if my curtains need to be laundered or dry cleaned?

We would need to see the fabric to confirm what kind of cleaning process is required. This depends mainly on the type of fabric used, the type of dye used to print the fabric and if the material has been pre-shrunk prior to the fabrication of the curtains. You can be assured that we will check and test the fabric before the cleaning process and should we have any doubts, we will contact you to inform you of any risks involved.

Do you manage to remove colour run as I washed it at home by mistake?

Colour run tends to ‘bleed’ onto lighter colors and/or whites, thus we can only offer this service entirely at your own risk.

Do you manage to remove an iron mark as I ironed it at home and damaged the material?

Unfortunately once the material has become permanently ‘scorched’ it is almost impossible to restore. All of our garments are ‘hand finished’ by highly trained personnel using commercial ‘steaming’ equipment, we do not use hot irons such as those found at home.